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10 ratings
White Space Wheat
5.0% Wheat Beer / Wheat Ale

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Post author: Paul G
Paul G
3 years ago
Not great, just a bit weak.

Post author: Rob B
Rob B
3 years ago

Post author: Akos B
Akos B
3 years ago
I love the camomile infused aroma of this wheat beer. Unfortunately the blood oranges aren't quite so prominent and the taste falls flat as a result. The acidity of the beer is a little harsh and adds to the alcohol burn.

Post author: Stefan
3 years ago
Good aroma to this one, oranges shine through. Colour is golden pale yellow and slightly cloudy. Slight head left after pouring. Taste is a little on the light side. Watery at first, slightly too acid and bitter, the high carbonation also affects the first taste. The coriander feels out of place at first but then it's not too obvious after a few sips. Chamomile is not welcome though. Learned a few things from this one.