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3 ratings
La Blanche
5.2% Witbier

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Post author: WexiLahti
@ Brasserie du Molard
3 years ago
Le plateau dégustation 2/3. Unfortunately, this beer came with a slice of lemon, which surely distorts the tasting massively.  😞 The beer colors hazy, yellow. The reasonable, hasty carbonation releases a pure white, silky head that climbs up to one finger. The foamy cap dissolves rushedly to a frazil-icy lacing wafting on the surface. The withdrawing foam leaves multiple small downpouring traces on the glass. As I anticipated, the scent is truly fruity lemony, almost lemonade-like. I can solely pick a shy whisper of wheat malt in the background. The palate is citrusy, of course. I find loads of lemon pulp and a smaller injection of zesty grapefruit. I fail to receive anything else. The body is quite light. The beer ends with bags of both lemon zest and peel. The aftertaste vanishes rapidly from the tastebuds' reach. The mouthfeel is thin, very summery and refreshing. I may, however, be fooled by the lemon slice. It's also extraordinarily juicy and easy, even appealing. Nevertheless, 0.5 stars reduction because of the lemon slice.