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7 ratings
La Blonde
5.0% Golden Ale / Blond Ale

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Post author: tja
1 year ago
Nojaa, luonnetta puuttuu.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Brasserie du Molard
3 years ago
Le plateau d├ęgustation 3/3. Semiclear, pale gold beer with fizzy, quick carbonation builds a cloud-white, velvety head that barely elevates up to half a finger's height. The head melts soon to a hair-thin lacing on top. The contracting foamy lid marks the glass with a few minuscule splashes only. The olfactory provision is subdued: I find distinct lemon juice and a tiny pinch of pale malt. The tongue receives a generous pour of lemon zest with an identifiable malty touch. The hops are quite introvert. The light-bodied beer finishes with a good punch of standard pale malt and a tad lemon pulp, accompanied by a little injection of lemon peel. The aftertaste is quick but still the longest of all the three. The mouthfeel is light, a wee bit bulky and fresh. It's also clean and balanced, very easy and gluggable.

Post author: Rohan13
3 years ago