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19 ratings
6.2% India Pale Ale
Infra red pale ale is deep ruby red IPA based on a modern American style beer from Oregon using Cascade and Centennial hops in appropriate proportions, for bittering, aroma and dry hopping balanced with a strong Crystal malt backbone. Earthy orange and caramel nose, sweet toffee start, peppery dark roast parsnips and a long bitter finish.

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Post author: Matias V
Matias V
@ Panimoravintola Bruuveri
5 years ago
Tummaa, metallista ja katkeraa, ei oikein

Post author: Psaastam
@ Panimoravintola Bruuveri
5 years ago
Karamellimaltainen, tummanpunainen IPA. Reilusti humaloitu. Öljyinen suutuntuma.

Post author: Erkka I
Erkka I
@ Panimoravintola Bruuveri
5 years ago
Punainen tuoksu, maku enemmän perinteinen IPA, joskin red ale vivahteella.

Post author: Partsi P
Partsi P
@ Maja / Talo
6 years ago

Post author: Otto Ö
Otto Ö
6 years ago
A malty, ruby red IPA.

Post author: Jody C
Jody C
6 years ago
Worst one I have ever tried.

Post author: James D
James D
6 years ago
Not a particularly nice drop to be honest.

Post author: Frank B
Frank B
6 years ago
It's not the worst beer I've had. It's hoppy, quite heavy to drink and lingers in the mouth with a not so pleasant taste. I'd have it again if there was nothing better in the shop.

Post author: este
6 years ago
To be honest it's no my cup of tea. Pours dark red with a large foamy head. Medium carbonation. Aroma -citrus fruits to the fore, touch of caramel. Taste - grapefruit with a long bitter finish. Probably if you like bitter you will be happy about this beer but I'm not fan of this kind... Too bitterish for me :-/

Post author: heikkill
7 years ago
Mainio amber vai red ipaksiko tätä kutsuis. Jännällä tavalla täyteläinen, en tiä miten kuvailis... leipää? Toffeehommia kans. Ja runsaat raikkaat katkerot. Ihana olut tämä.