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6 ratings
Dr. Insólito
7.2% India Pale Ale

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Post author: Womanvsbeer
@ Bee Beer
11 months ago

Post author: Danny B
Danny B
4 years ago
5th beer from my trip in Spain. This one claim to be a juicy pineapple IPA! Poored this baby. Very low carbonation with no head but just a thin lacing. Copper color. Smell like pineapple and beer. I don’t know. It’s smell like a typical APA with pineapple. Well... the taste is very similar. It’s a borderline IPA almost APA but a bit bitter. So a bit of hops with pineapple. It’s not bad though! The pineapple do not taste like a artificial one! It’s refreshing and dry one the finish. I don’t know why they label it as juicy. It’s have nothing to do with NEIPA. Good beer. I would say it’s more a 3.25 stars. Cheers!

Post author: Julle
@ Bee Beer
4 years ago
Lovely fruity IPA with smooth hops.