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10 ratings
Beavertown Heavy Water Imperial Stout
10.5% Imperial Stout

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Post author: Thomas S
Thomas S
3 years ago

Post author: Decius
3 years ago
No, not really

Post author: Jim85
3 years ago
Wow best stout I have had!! Fruity raspberries with cacao and vanilla. Goes perfect!! Actually is only 9.5%

Post author: Attackhammer
4 years ago
Huge raspberry kick in the aftertaste!!

Post author: Paul P
Paul P
@ The Parrot
4 years ago
Pours thick syrup, dark brown with a gorgeous tanned head. Vanilla, cocoa and raspberry to the nose. That sweet yet tart raspberry favour shines in the taste with a wonderful expresso like bitterness, mellowed with a little vanilla sitting there perfect on the finish. No indication of its strength the alcohol level is barely noticeable, a slight warming. If you've tried Jambo by Wild Beer Co then this is similar but much better. Much more balanced. A delight. Probably my last Beavertown since they've sold out to Heineken my local bottle shop has stopped stocking it. Though I'll certainly head back there soon hoping for any left.