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Bier 1 5.2%, BierBienne, Switzerland
4 notes
Bier 1
5.2% Other Traditional / Historical ale
Steamstyle Beer.


Post author: Julie A
Julie A
2 years ago

Post author: martinreed
@ Manor Biel/Bienne
2 years ago
Bier 1, Switzerland
Pint Please categorises it as a Pilsner, which from taste alone it definitely is not. Another beer tracking app categorises it as a “Dampfbier”, which considering that the beer itself describes itself as “Steam Style” beer, is more likely to be accurate. I tried to make an edit, but there is no better alternative category, and it is not possible to send only “additional notes” without modifying the data.

Post author: Røl
2 years ago
Bier 1, Switzerland
Une bière ultra legère en termes de goûts et amertume. Un petit arrière goût de pamplemousse ce fait ressentir !

Post author: Bastian M
Bastian M
@ L'arcade
5 years ago
Bier 1, Switzerland
okay lah - another micro brewery who tries but fail