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2 ratings
Imperial Russian Porter
10.0% Imperial Porter
Massive imperial porter. Slightly prayed whisky aroma, which is more evident at room temperature. Extra rich, dry, liquorice and spirit overtones. Surprisingly refreshing with a very smooth aftertaste.

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Post author: Chris B
Chris B
5 years ago
For our non U.K. friends, the various musical references tonight are down to the first night of the Glastonbury Festival. Even though it's not that far from me, sensible older folk listen to it on the radio/TV and get to use a proper toilet. It's madness down there 100,000 plus in a Somerset field. My attempt at not being sensible is this goddam beer. It's blacker than Darth Vader's helmet and thicker than a rainforest. My God. Imagine a pot of squid ink, liquidised liquorice and then more of both about sixteen times. I'll be surprised if I get to the end of this - it should probably be served in slices. I think my tastebuds have been stripped out and coated with evil. Jesus - it's not what you'd call an easy drinker. All the moisture has been sucked from my head. Approach with caution....this bottled version is 13%............!