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Jail Ale 4.8%, Dartmoor Brewery Ltd., England
212 ratings
Jail Ale
4.8% Premium Bitter / Strong Bitter / ESB
Best Beer I have ever tasted. Jail ale appreciation society. A full bodied, deep golden brown beer, with a rounded flavour and a rich, moreish aftertaste.


Post author: Beer Pong
Beer Pong
@ The Galley
26 days ago
One of my favourites. Nice, malty ale. Full of flavour.

Post author: Kevhill
1 month ago
Jail Ale, England
Tasty very smooth. Actually growing on me!

Post author: Plane C
Plane C
1 month ago

Post author: Kev O
Kev O
2 months ago
Really good stuff, great body, fabulous malty taste, just a really fine ale

Post author: klausklapper
2 months ago
Jail Ale, England
It’s full bodied, I’ll give it that. But the body does lack character. I would rate it a decent starter, but it does pale in comparison to some more complex brews. All said and done, it’s not a bad ale.

Post author: Karl G
Karl G
@ The Marsh Mills (Beefeater)
2 months ago
Jail Ale, England
A rounded traditional English bitter. Good bronze colour without much head which dissipates quite quickly. Ok bitter taste not enough strength or caramel for me.

Post author: Allen
4 months ago
Good beer this one. Hint of fruit but only just. Then a hoppy flavour that melts to a malty taste and a decent after flavour. Prefer leaving it when poured as it came out the bottle quite carbonated but when flatter tasted better.

Post author: Andy B
Andy B
@ Morrisons
4 months ago
Jail Ale, England

Post author: 1972GAZMOD
@ Morrisons Aldridge
4 months ago
Jail Ale, England
Cracking drink. Nice hoppy aroma with a slight fruitiness mixed in. Enjoyable malty taste with a nice bitter aftertaste. Good session drink

Post author: Mark Oldfield
Mark Oldfield
6 months ago