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3 ratings
Funky Fortress
5.5% Sour / Wild Ale

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Post author: WexiLahti
@ Au Coin Mousse
4 years ago
Lucid, dark red beer pours from tap. Remarkably impotent carbonation unlocks basically a nonexistent head, the surface is entirely flat still from the very beginning and leaves no patterns on the glass. The scent portrays powerful sour redcurrant and hefty lingonberry, accompanied by a little bit of lingering blueberry. Later, one can also depict a bit of sherry in the fragrance. The tongue loves the merger of massive, sour lingonberry and bags of redcurrant that are gently aromitized by distant blueberry as well as vanishing raspberry. The body is light. The beer moves towards the finish with significantly sour redcurrant juice, a nice amount of lingonberry and a dollop of cranberry juice. The aftertaste lingers on tongue for some time. The mouthfeel is rather tart and puckering, rich in berries, substantially gardeny and supersummery. It's also considerably mouth-drying.