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7 ratings
Blueberry Kettle Sour
6.0% Sour / Wild Ale

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Post author: orson
@ Honest Brew
4 years ago
Tuoksussa happamuutta ja mustikkaa. Hiilihapot tässä aika maltillisia ja se toimii ainakin itselleni ihan hyvin, mutta suutuntuman loppu on valitettavan vetinen. Maussa mustikkaa, happamuutta, hieman kirpeyttä ja punaviinimarjoja. Jälkimaku laimean mustikkainen. Pettymys. Enemmän runkoa ja souria kaipaisi.

Post author: Eschwenman
4 years ago
Purple and slightly sour. Could be "Sauser".

Post author: Beer Hunter
Beer Hunter
4 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Drinks of the World, Geneva
4 years ago
Muddy, dark purple beer with shy, truly introvert carbonation unleashes sluggishly a subdued, pink, velvety ring only that adorns the top for some time. The nose loves the relatively hefty nuance of medium-sour blueberry purée. A bit of raspberry and subtle blackberry dance somewhere in the shadows. The fragrance is really lovely, juicy and rich in berries, the wheaty nuance barely survives under the berry aromas. The palate is sour, natural and rich in berries but not extremely puckering: blueberry is dominant and somewhat thick, purée-like. Raspberry is significantly weaker, just exceeding the threshold of identification. Blackberry is extraordinarily distant and brings in a bit of sharp sourness. Wheat malt, a pinch of toast and a whisper of black currant leaves may also be found. Overall, the gustatory experience is attractive, natural, gardeny and wakes up a dream of summer in the middle of the gray rainy November. The body is light, surely not more than that but probably not less either. The beer finishes with a substantially sour cocktail of blueberry purée, raspberry mash and blackberry nectar. Wheat is hardly recognizeable anymore, maybe spreading only faint husky powderiness on the tongue. Black currant leaves infused tea lingers additionally in my imagination. The aftertaste possesses a short to medium duration. The mouthfeel is medium-thick, rather tart and somewhat dry. It's also significantly natural, very gardeny, truly summery, a bit husky and powdery.