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20 ratings
13.8% Barley Wine

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Post author: Folders
@ Cheyres, Sous le moulin 25
5 months ago

Post author: Isma hell
Isma hell
@ Board Games And Beers
8 months ago
Acidulé, caramel, touche salé, une réussite

Post author: Dominique R
Dominique R
@ Carnotzet PH
10 months ago
Barley un peu acide. Caramel

Post author: Folders
10 months ago

Post author: Alexandre J
Alexandre J
10 months ago
odeur de fraises de bois en début de fermantation et vieux pruneaux sec en bouche. Excellent !

Post author: Christian K
Christian K
@ Impasse des Cerisiers, Bellerive VD
11 months ago
Barley Wine très sympa, avec un voile acidulé. Fût de rhum qui a bien dinné de son goût!

Post author: Looping
@ Impasse des Cerisiers, Bellerive VD
11 months ago
Barley wine, en fût de rhum, acidulée

Post author: Cuquin65
1 year ago

Post author: Jari J
Jari J
@ Beerdome
4 years ago
Hmmmmmm, English style Barleywine. One of my favorite beer style but not often found anywhere. Bottle. Best before: 6/2020 Temperature: +16 degrees Dark brown beer with surypy essense. Absolutely zero head. This doesn't seem to have any carbonation... Wonder if this should be the case🤔looks mysterious: 1,5/5 Nose is sweet, very malty and has a lovely, pleasant touch of whisky and oak. Whisky seems like a perfect fit for this beer. Theres also plums and jelly like red berries. Really seems more like red wine than a beer, but I don't know if this is a flaw. This is simply amazing, very complex. Surely not your everyday beer: 4,25/5 Extremely full, oily mouthfeel with zero carbonation and basically 0 IBUs (there should be 65). Alcohol is strongly present and again it has that perfectly fitting whisky charecter. I mean: wau! 4,75/5 Taste is very malty, surypy sweet, whisky, oaky, berry with touch of chocolate and plums. Aftertaste is warming and sweet. This leaves your lips sweet aswell but the funny thing is: this is still not gloyingly sweet. This is just sweet and very complex. Once again, the whisky is just perfectly there among other flavours: 13,5/15 This might be one of the best Barleywines I've ever tasted! Unique and complex. Strong beer overall with every aspect. Very slow sipping, perfect nightcap... This is the kind of beer what I've been looking for a some time now: something so ridiculously different its brilliant and this is it! New brewery also for me and I'm surely going to taste other beer aswell from La Calavera: 18/20 =42/50