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25 ratings
Staffordshire IPA
5.5% India Pale Ale
Brewed exclusively for Marks & Spencer. This India pale ale is brewed in Burton upon Trent. A carefully selected blend of hops gives this ale bitterness but with lovely citrus notes.

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Post author: Drunken Monkey
Drunken Monkey
3 years ago
Very English IPA, not overly hoppy like American counterparts. I recommend.

Post author: Ian P
Ian P
3 years ago
A fairly middle of the road run of the mill IPA. Drinkable and would drink more if put in front of me, just not a stand out go to beer.

Post author: Decius
4 years ago
Quite enjoyable

Post author: Thomas S
Thomas S
@ Marks and Spencer Bluewater
4 years ago
Very bitter

Post author: Karl G
Karl G
4 years ago
Smells and tastes like Mansfield bitter. No fruity or citrus notes. Sorry.

Post author: Ricky J
Ricky J
4 years ago
Not a bad beer nice citrus taste and not overly hoppy

Post author: Tom J
Tom J
4 years ago
It's a good, rich, hoppy and fruity offering. Could have several without complaint.

Post author: Ertos77
@ Mark & Spencer
4 years ago
Comme toutes les bières de mark & spencer, c’est une bière grand public. Dans le style décrit, mais jamais trop marquée. C’est dommage, elle manque cruellement de personnalité. As all mark & Spencer’s beers, this one is made for everyone. It’s in the style write on the bottle, but so shy! Pity, a cruel lake of personality.

Post author: Andy B
Andy B
5 years ago

Post author: David H
David H
5 years ago
Refreshing citrus taste not too hoppy