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Pan-Galactic Pale 4.6%, The Beerblefish Brewing Company, England
3 ratings
Pan-Galactic Pale
4.6% Pale Ale - English
Bright, smooth and fruity.


Post author: Jamie K
Jamie K
@ BeerbleFish Brewing Co Taproom
1 year ago
Pan-Galactic Pale, England
Basic Pale, nuffin special

Post author: Sir Talbot Buxomley
Sir Talbot Buxomley
3 years ago
Superb fruity pale ale with a smooth finish. Best microbrewery in North London

Post author: Dartford Dave
Dartford Dave
@ Dartford WMC
4 years ago
Pan-Galactic Pale, England
A reasonable Pale Ale from a Brewery I have not heard of before. Golden coloured beer with a reasonable foamy head. Quite fruity. Refreshing and enjoyable.