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116 ratings
8.0% Imperial IPA / Double IPA
DDH DIPA. Full-bodied with bags of tropical character. Flavours of Guava, Mango, Passionfruit and Lychee. These fruit flavours make way for mellow notes of honey with a smooth but bold finish.

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Post author: Adam P
Adam P
21 days ago
Can really taste the strength in this one, has a slightly tropical undertone to it though

Post author: James smith
James smith
1 month ago
Strong hoppy lovely flavours

Post author: Miggins
@ Sainsbury's
2 months ago
Really nice tasty tropical fruits, an excellent beer.

Post author: MikeyO
4 months ago
A very full filling DIPA, giving that great cloudy, strong citrus and hop flavour. If I lived nearer, I would definitely give this brewery a visit.

Post author: David L
David L
4 months ago
Gloriously tropical , bitter on the back . Chuffed.

Post author: Lee W
Lee W
4 months ago
Had a can of this direct from the brewery. Bit disappointing to be honest. Absolutely gorgeous smell of tropical fruits, hint of orange as well, but that's the highlight really... The mouth feel is super soft, nice thick feel too, as you would expect from a higher abv at 8%, but the lovely flavour teases you with what it could've been. It's quickly taken over with the alcohol and bitterness. Shame. If this beer was 6.5-7.0% I think it would make all the difference - keeping the thickness but losing the overbearing booziness.

Post author: Michael James P
Michael James P
6 months ago
Tropical fruity and easy to drink for 8%, sweet.

Post author: Lee L
Lee L
@ The Bearded Brewery
7 months ago
Tropical fruit flavour with a finish of pine

Post author: Alexkwade
7 months ago
Nice and fruity, strong man! A few a bed……..

Post author: Ibanez1981
@ Tesco Uckfield
10 months ago
Beautiful, strong cloudy IPA. Smooth fruity, full-bodied, biscuity, hoppy goodness. A real winner.