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4 ratings
The Daily Shake
6.0% Milkshake IPA

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Post author: Moria12
2 years ago
Sehr fruchtige Note. Die Mango habe ich nicht gespürt, dafür Grapefruit. Sehr lecker.

Post author: Andy
2 years ago
Fruchtig Mild erfrischend Mago

Post author: Eschwenman
3 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Drinks of the World, Geneva
3 years ago
Totally impenetrable, beautiful deep orange morning-juice-colored beer with fizzy, short-lived carbonation unleashes a white, small-bubbled head that builds itself up to one finger maximum. The head dissolves soon to a hair-thin lacing on the surface. The retreating foam leaves nothing on the side of the glass. The scent is exceptionally attractive: bags of zesty grapefruit, orange and mango, accompanied by a drop of squeezed tangerine and a little injection of oat flakes. The fragrance is massively fruity and summery! The taste is equally mouthwatering: I pick a generous amount of oat flakes that merges with zesty mango nectar, lemon pulp, a tad orange juice and a piece of tangerine. Hop burn is quite distinct and is sharpened by a decent amount of resinous hops. Lactose lingers seductively on the tongue. The palate is really intriguing as it combines crispness and soft juiciness into one package. I love this! The medium-bodied beer finishes with somewhat less juicy but equally hoppy fruitbomb which has gained its key components from lemon peel, piney hops and vanishing raw mango, followed by a bit of resin and harsh oat. Hop burn is nicely felt in the throat. The aftertaste brings satisfaction to the taste receptors for quite some time. The mouthfeel is extremely tropical, substantially juicy, very summery and exceptionally gluggable. It's also somewhat crisp, faintly lip-glueing and a bit spiced. Goes to the top three of my Swiss beers! 🥉🇨🇭👍🏻🍺