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1906 Red Vintage La Colorada
8.0% Amber Lager / Vienna Lager
Years ago the Rivera family elaborated in Galicia the "Extra Special" beer, better known as "La Colorada". 1906 regains that legendary flavor in the new 1906 Red Vintage. Its unique red cap and its flavor made it a legend. Today that legendary recipe comes back to stay under the name of '1906 Red Vintage. The Red'. Forever. '1906 Vintage Network. La Colorada 'is an intense and balanced beer, characterized by its aroma of toasted malt and creamy and compact foam with a fine bubble. It has a final bitter mark that balances its high alcohol content (8.0% alc.) That makes the whole drinkable at any time. There are small secrets that arouse the admiration of the most knowledgeable. Legends that come back to stay. '1906 Vintage Network. La Colorada 'is one of those cult pieces that is always worth rediscovering. Because there are things that we should not lose.

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Post author: Jmal
1 month ago
Nice red ale…caramel notes in a very drinkable beer

Post author: Clément H
Clément H
2 months ago
Y Viva España 🇪🇸

Post author: Johnny García
Johnny García
@ Bee's Club
2 months ago

Post author: Belzepub
3 months ago

Post author: al Azraq, el blau
al Azraq, el blau
3 months ago
La 1906 Red Vintage Estrella Galicia és una cervesa torrada, intensa i de sabor molt equilibrat. La seva alta graduació, 8% en volum d'alcohol, li atorga un caràcter fort, però molt agradable al gust amb l'aroma de malt torrat i l'escuma cremosa, compacta i de bombolla fina.

Post author: Mulder38
6 months ago
Malgré ses 8 degrés le goût n'est pas masqué par l'alcool...on sent de la fermeté et du caractère mais pas d'agressivité en bouche. Belle couleur ambrée finement "bullée" cette bière espagnole saura vous remuer !

Post author: Patricebru
6 months ago
une légère douceur fait oublier les 8⁰. A boire à l'ombre tout de même 😁

Post author: Javier R
Javier R
7 months ago

Post author: Carfot
@ La Cerveseria
7 months ago
Doble malta auténtica, 8% para saborear lentamente

Post author: Jarkko Jarkonjarkko
Jarkko Jarkonjarkko
@ Mulligan's Irish Pub
7 months ago
Ok puteli, mutta aika perussettiä.