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3 ratings
La Cachonda
6.8% India Pale Ale
The Indian pale ale of a local brewpub

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Post author: Drunken Monkey
Drunken Monkey
@ CerveZahara
3 years ago
5/5 of the rare gems you can find in Spain. CerveZahra is a brewpub in the fishing town of Zahara. The place is more well known for tuna fishing, but now there is this one bewpub putting the place of the world map as well. "Cachonda" translates as horny. The bitter honeyish taste... Acrid like sperm? It does not go the hoppiness extremes as IPA craziness can go. Instead it focuses on close to nature aromas making a buzzy cocktail.

Post author: PekoPeko
@ CerveZahara
3 years ago
Very strong IPA. No sweet or fruity nodes like in so many other IPAs. Little bit acrid. Not bad, but quite strong. Personally, even though I love IPAs I couldn't drink too many of these in a go. Having said that, very good IPA!