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Luomu Kombucha Vadelma 1.2%, Puhdistamo, Finland
4 ratings
Luomu Kombucha Vadelma
1.2% Kombucha


Post author: Anne P
Anne P
2 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Lidl Citycenter
2 years ago
Luomu Kombucha Vadelma, Finland
Straight from the bottle. The Kombucha emits relatively sweet aromas, like raspberry flavored winegum. Maybe a bit of raspberry flavored jellies, too. In addition, there's an interesting and not even particularly vague note of blackcurrant jam looming in the distance. The taste is juicy and somewhat soft-drink-like. Blackcurrant juice wants to occupy the first position but raspberry doesn't surrender easily. It's tight. Maybe I'd still declare blackcurrant as a winner in this contest. I'm not sure if I pick a suggestion of green tea or not — probably not. The finish develops slightly tart flavors, as well, but is otherwise very close to the earlier experience. The mouthfeel is juicy, a bit soft-drink-like, rich in berries, gardeny and summery. More natural than some other Kombuchas of this series but I'm still missing the kombucha culture flavors in these.

Post author: Julle
@ K-Supermarket Pekuri
3 years ago
Luomu Kombucha Vadelma, Finland
Lunch drink. Super raspberry taste and refreshing. Not bad 😋

Post author: Mikko H
Mikko H
@ Ruohonjuuri, Seppä
4 years ago
Luomu Kombucha Vadelma, Finland
Evästaukojuomana taas kombuchaa. Hyvin lähelle captain kombuchan vadelmaversiota tämäkin. Todella reilut hiilihapot, vadelmavissyinen ja raikas juotava. Jälkimaku maitohappoinen, mutta miellyttyvän vadelmainen.