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4 ratings
Roast & Toast
11.5% Imperial Stout

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Post author: Fabrice H
Fabrice H
@ Maloan
2 years ago
Imp. Stout avec du caractère, goût torrifié, grillé mais pas trop agressive en bouche. Une belle rondeur agréable en bouche.

Post author: Harala
@ De Bierliefhebber
2 years ago
Tuoksussa kahvia ja paahteista mallasta. Mausta löytuu runsasta paahteisuutta niin kahvin kuin maltaidenkin osalta. Kahvin läsnäolo ei jää epäselväksi. Vaikka maut on melko tukevat, kokonaisuus on kuitenkin melko pehmeä. Jälkimaussa tosin raakasokerin "metallinen" kitkeryys hieman pilaa tunnelmaa.

Post author: WexiLahti
@ De BierTonne
2 years ago
Opaque, oily black beer with tame carbonation lays a silk, dark chocolate brown head that reaches mere half a finger's height. The head contracts soon to a hair-thin lace ring and leaves the glass otherwise untouched. Dark chocolate, a good amount of cacao nibs and rather suppressed espresso release their nuances to the nostrils. I can also depict cane sugar, molasses, a pinch of brownie and a spoonful of liquid malt extract among the elements. I'm curious to take a sip. Here we go. Oh mama... overwhelming dark chocolate and loads of cacao nibs get flushed on my tongue. The touch of mocha is medium-strong but gentle. Alcohol is surely not hidden here but it's astonishingly mellow and nice, of course throat-warming. Interestingly, this is probably one of the most subtle encounters with fairly strong alcohol that I have experienced in the beer universe. Moreover, I find softly roasted coffee beans, cane sugar and a lesser injection of molasses, escorted by faint vanilla and a whisper of cardamom. Neatly full! 🖤🖤🖤 The body is robust. The beer ends with hefty dark chocolate and a huge heap of cacao nibs, seasoned with mocha, a pinch of licorice root and a moderately roasty aroma. The aftertaste pours molten chocolate on the tastebuds over medium duration. The mouthfeel is full, a tad sticky and lip-glueing as well as modestly roasty. The mouthfeel is also nicely smooth, remotely spiced, alcoholic and throat-warming. Quite balanced for such a high ABV and abundant nuances. Still further this is deep and reasonably layered although not particularly complex. Powerful desserty night cap.