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19 ratings
Jerkface 9000
5.0% Wheat Beer / Wheat Ale
An easy drinking American wheat ale dry hopped with Mosaic Hops. Juicy citrus, tropical, and floral hop notes sit atop a light grainy malt base giving the beer a very flavourful hop punch with a light refreshing body.
IBU: 37

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Post author: beerguy204
2 years ago
Love the can art

Post author: Hengen V
Hengen V
3 years ago
Hoppy, with a bit of an after taste.

Post author: Bryan
3 years ago

Post author: Stefan
3 years ago
Passion fruit and mandarin in the aroma. One also comes through. The colour is light golden, different from your normal wheat beer neither is it transparent. Very light taste but more towards an ale than a wheat. Smugly bitter with a light body.

Post author: Mr X
Mr X
4 years ago
This is different for a wheat beer. It’s like a cross of an IPA & a wheat beer. It has some passion fruit, peach and mango. It also has a little citrus that is orange with just a touch of pineapple. There is a little pine and wheat. Overall fruitier than what I would expect with a wheat beer. Pretty tasty. I’d say it’s a 3.5

Post author: veltto62
4 years ago

Post author: Gordzilla
@ B.C. Liquor Store
5 years ago
I would like to see this straw gold beer in the bright sunshine, I imagine it would glow radiantly. I'll test that out first chance I get. 😁 I find it fascinating how many nuances can be packed into something like hops. This particular one, mosaic, is gently offering up aromas of stone fruit like peach and mango. It also has a generous helping of citrus, orange, and a wee little bit of pineapple. There are whispers of pine, wheat, and something a little sweet, similar to, but not quite caramel. A little tingly on the tongue and with a nice wheat ale taste the medium light body suits very well. The hops are citrus forward with minor notes of stone fruit and again the tiniest bit of pine. A tangy, refreshing, tasty wheat ale.

Post author: BcBeerCoaster
6 years ago