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Luomu Kombucha Inkivääri & Sitruuna 1.2%, Puhdistamo, Finland
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Luomu Kombucha Inkivääri & Sitruuna
1.2% Kombucha


Post author: L4UR4
2 years ago
Hyvänmakuinen perus kombucha. Hinta-laatusuhde ok! Sitruunaisesta mausta tulee mieleen sima. Hyvää 👍🏻

Post author: LANU
@ Prisma Tripla
2 years ago
Luomu Kombucha Inkivääri & Sitruuna, Finland
Ensimmäinen kombucha itselle. Siman ja teen makuista terveysjuomaa, sisältää maitohappobakteereja.

Post author: Baty
2 years ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Lidl Citycenter
2 years ago
Luomu Kombucha Inkivääri & Sitruuna, Finland
This drink colors clear straw. Fizzy, hasty carbonation gives bubbles on the top but they die almost immediately. The scent is controversial: I anticipate ginger and/or lemon but what I actually get is strong brown sugar. Both ginger and lemon feature in the fragrance, too. Green tea hovers discreetly in the background. The taste offers ginger and lemon in equal proportions, and the medley is seasoned with a bit of sugar. The sugar is not very brown, it could well also be white and is, fortunately, not too massive. Green tea doesn't really taste on the tongue. The finish is gingery but doesn't entirely forget lemon either. The reasonable sweetness is still present. The mouthfeel is light, spritzy, juicy, soft-drink-like and distantly spicy. The cocktail is slightly synthetic and industrial despite the fact that the vendor company gives the impression of smallness, "craft-ness" and healthiness. And by the way, the drink is actually not from Finland but Portugal. These non-alc/ultra-low-alc Kombuchas are strange creatures to assess: they seem to be extraordinarily soft-drink-like with a remote exotic twist, nothing more. The sugary sweetness could be somewhat lower on this particular case.

Post author: Mikko H
Mikko H
@ Prisma Palokka
3 years ago
Luomu Kombucha Inkivääri & Sitruuna, Finland
Tiukan urheiluillan saunan päälle kombuchaa pitkästä aikaa. Tuoksussa makeaa makeaa simaisuutta sitruksella. Maussa raikas sitruksisuus, edelleen hieman simaa muistuttavaa makeutta. Jälkimaussa tulee inkivääri mausteisuus aika sopivasti kutittelemaan suuta. Tosi raikas ja "terveellisen" makuinen juoma. Ei ehkä niin kovat hiilihapot kun monessa aiemmassa verrokissa. Pidin 👍🏼

Post author: Petri V
Petri V
4 years ago