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8 ratings
Nutty Uncle
6.1% Stout
Peanut Butter Stout.

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Post author: TheBunker69
4 years ago
Tried it again, it tasted a bit better... so I've adjusted my rating to reflect that.

Post author: Juan Guillermo
Juan Guillermo
@ Crosstown Liquor at International Village
4 years ago
Contains actual peanut butter. Opaque dark brown, headless, typical stout type of carbonation, practically no lacing. Aromas of peanut brittle and hard toffee candy. Tastes of baking chocolate and espresso, the peanut butter comes towards the finish and is unmistakable. Thankfully less sweet than I'd expected. I like it.

Post author: TheBunker69
4 years ago
Tried DeadFrogs attempt at a peanut butter stout. It was a fail for me, find the after taste bitter and a little too weak. Smell is great, but would not try this one again. Have had others down south, with a way better structure throughout the beer.

Post author: Karel
5 years ago
Omg this is magic. like a chocolate bar - oh henry - or desert drink i have had before. This is frecking amazing.

Post author: Deborah
5 years ago
From the first scent of this beer to the smooth magic it gives when it hits your tongue to the lingering finish... gotta love nuts in your mouth!

Post author: Gordzilla
@ Liquor Plus
5 years ago
This gnarly brew dumps out in a brown that's so dark it looks black. You can smell the nuttiness even as the head is forming. It makes a nice fluffy head but it fades quickly. Upon actually taking a good inhale, massive nutty, peanut butter, and some chocolate are the major contributions to the aroma profile. There is a roast coffee in there underneath the rest. It boasts a creamy smooth mouth feel and a full rich body. It starts with sweetness and major peanut butter hazelnut and chocolate flavour that drops off nicely so that it doesn't seem too gaudy. The roast coffee takes up where the nuttiness leaves off. It's pretty tasty over all but leaves an odd bitter aftertaste. This is an interesting stout that doesn't taste bad but it is not really my thing. Too weird. I've only just started opening my purist opinions on beer this year what with fruits, spices, and all manner of odd additions. Most I've enjoyed thoroughly, but I don't know about this one. Guess I'll have to try another to get more data in the spirit of fairness and Ya know, science.