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Bananas Foster
8.6% Milk Stout / Sweet Stout
In a food coma induced by crawfish or steak, few things in life are as delicious and decadent as Bananas Foster slathered over a scoop of vanilla. You know that feeling when you’re so stupid full you laugh when dessert comes then stuff your face anyway? Invented in N’awlins, perfected in Houston. They put it on a plate, we put it in your glass. Drink up monkey, it’s time to go bananas.Notes of fresh banana up front, with a rich brown sugar notes and full-bodied chocolate malt finish.

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Post author: Edgeworth
2 years ago
Trying out a bottle we got at the brewery. Pours with a huge amount of very thick frothy foam. The head is lasting and lasting. Aroma is banana nut bread, relatively strong. Color is a dark brown, not totally opaque and hazy when held to the light. Texture is light but still a bit creamy. Flavor quickly shows the alcohol content with bananas following right behind. Finish continues with a nice banana kick with the vanilla adding to the background flavor. Would have gotten a higher rating if the banana flavor was stronger. Paid a little extra for this tall bottle to share but definitely worth it.