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Typo 4.4%, The Inkspot Brewery, England
1 ratings
4.4% Pale Ale - English
We absolutely love both Mosaic (US) and El Dorado (US) here at Beer Ink so we though why not put them together in a beer! With a hopping rate of 16g per litre and utilising the soft and peachy East Coast Ale Yeast, this beer is as juicy as it is drinkable. Flavours of Mango, Pineapple and Peach (amongst other stone fruits)


Post author: mthomps_
2 years ago
Typo, England
Plates ready for a fat curry, I’m ready for 20 cans, av it then. Typo by Beer Ink, enjoyable. Tropical flavours that’s super smooth to drink, although a touch bitter which is the only downfall. Nice work Beer Ink.