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9 ratings
Souropod: Imperial Triple Fruited Gose W/ Mango, Raspberry & Vanilla
7.4% Grodziskie / Gose / Lichtenhainer
Mangoes raspberries vanilla herbs yeast sea salt

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Post author: James Š
James Š
@ Staggeringly Good Brewery
1 year ago
As fruity as they come without going over the top and spoiling it. Retains gose elements but it as fruity as it can be whilst stating true to the style (in a craft sense, as it’s nothing like a traditional gose). I haven’t tried all the Sauropod range but the ones I have are a master class in what is good about craft beer, so glad these guys are local to me.

Post author: Dennis P
Dennis P
@ Le malt du pays
2 years ago
Assez acide en bouche et ressemblance a un Nectar niveau consistence

Post author: Paul G
Paul G
2 years ago
I think this is fantastic. Pours like a smoothie, super thick. Full of fruit and enough sour. Not a beer as you know it but delicious.

Post author: Nick L
Nick L
2 years ago
Tart and fruity. Masks the strength well. Very good.

Post author: Jamie K
Jamie K
@ Staggeringly Good Brewery
2 years ago
Fuck me, just look at that! In that glass is so apt It has fruit in it It looks like it has fruit in it It tastes like it has fruit in it A bloody fruity alcohol drink that ain’t a cocktail. I can taste the mango, the vanilla is slight but there, the raspberry is present but could be mistaken for strawberry but I can see why it’s there. The sweet fruity juiciness gobs in your mouth and swills round and leaves a slight lip curling sourness that is welcomed and deserved. Unlike any gose I’ve had. This, this I could marry!

Post author: Mike B
Mike B
@ Staggeringly Good Brewery
2 years ago
Just like a smoothie, but it tastes a bit like a Bloody Mary. So thick. Heavy and a good pour