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3 ratings
BrauFässchen IPA
5.0% India Pale Ale

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Post author: Leutzscher
1 year ago

Post author: Kaimaani
@ Lil Bro
2 years ago
Erittäin hauska kokeilu, jos olis halvempi, miksei useamminkin.

Post author: VeliWestside
2 years ago
Father's Day gift and decided to brew it for Christmas. This should be somewhere between 4% to 6,5%. Don't know the abv for certain but I'm guessing it to be about 5%. Like sweet orange juice, that's it and a bit bitter like the orange juice from Lidl. Taste vanishes quickly and turns watery. With food okey, on its own not so much to enjoy. Appreciate the gesture of course.