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2 ratings
Keep 'Em Comin'
10.3% New England Triple IPA
DDH Hazy Triple IPA w/ Citra, Motueka & Talus, 10.3% abv Maybe it’s a California thing? Maybe it’s a GC thing? I’m not sure how we ended up here, but we can’t get enough of these dangerously smooth, easy-drinking juice bombs, that drink more like single IPAs, than triple IPAs. This one features a hop combo that we’re pretty amped to showcase, that brings out layers of coconut cream pie, frozen pineapple daiquiris, and rainbow sherbet.

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Post author: Grey
@ Green Cheek Beer Co.
2 years ago
BEER: Keep 'Em Comin' BREWERY: Green Cheek Beer Co. BEER STYLE: NETIPA COUNTRY: USA ALCOHOL (ABV): 10.3% COLOUR (EBC): Straw Yellow (10.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - SCENT: Rustic and earthy. Dank. FOAM: One finger tall. Lasts nicely and leaves rather thick lacing behind it. GREY’S VIEW Citra, Motueka & Talus DDH NETIPA. First sip. Mmm Green Cheek knows what they are doing. I get diced pineapple, chunky and crisp citruses. The earthy vibe is hidden in backgrounds giving some depth to this. Overall feel is entirely hazy and tropical. Mouthfeel is nicely crisp, with semi thick body and easy drinkability. Carbonation develops to creamy if you give this a swirl in your mouth. Dry hopping rate is close to perfection, giving this slight drying kick and supporting the main flavours perfectly. Aftertaste brings that dank rustic feel back to nose, otherwise staying light and easy. OTHER NOTES: Lovely stuff. Classic NETIPA. Green Cheek is modern enough to ship internationally their products except the beer. So you can get yourself their products (f.e.the Zombie Glass used in this photo) from their website. CANNED 30/12/2020 TASTED 21/1/2021