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11 ratings
Routine Bites Hard
10.0% Triple IPA

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Post author: Lee L
Lee L
@ The Bearded Brewery
3 months ago
Lovely orange aroma with a really nice orange taste. I get hints if pineapple. Lovely mouth feel. Doesn’t taste 10%

Post author: Mike B
Mike B
@ Deya Brewery Taphouse
10 months ago
Very orangey aroma and the taste even seems to have a hint of orange peel. Slightly sweet, and very easy to drink considering the strength. And as always from Deya; a beautiful can design.

Post author: Grey
@ Ø
1 year ago
BEER: Routine Bites Hard BREWERY: Deya Brewing Co. BEER STYLE: TIPA COUNTRY: England ABV.: 10.0% COLOUR (EBC): Tangerine Orange (18.0) BITTERS (EBU/IBU): - AROMA: Dank and sticky. HEAD: Thick, one finger tall. GREY’S VIEW TIPA w/ Mosaic & Simcoe. Intresting texture. It’s almost like there’s ground pineapple in the mix, quite nice actually. Anyway. Taste has lots of west coast IPA elements to it. Ripe and dank fruits, juicy ones too with slippery bite from dry hops. It’s somewhat on the sweet side, when it gets warm. Mouthfeel is hazy and well textured. Lovely amount of light malts are working hard with creamy kick from the carbonation. Aftertaste has mandarin oranges, ground pineapple some honeydew and sugarcane too. OTHER NOTES: Best suited brew for me from Deya so far. Lovingly dank and juicy at the same time, with fully hazy and somewhat malty texture. Pretty damn nice. CANNED 6/7/2021 TASTED 22/9/2021

Post author: orson
@ Ales & Brews
1 year ago
Tuoksussa vähän sellaista hapanta trooppisuutta ja mandariinia. Suutuntuma keskihiilihappoinen, runsas, täyteläinen, pehmeä, makeahko ja dokattava. Maussa sitrusta, mandariinia, appelsiinin kuorta, happamuutta, greippiä ja hieman valkoviiniä. Kyllähän tämä tipaksi on tosi onnistunut. On saatu alko täysin piiloon. Makupaletti ei kuitenkaan ihan sitä mitä toivoisin.

Post author: JSJ
@ Ales & Brews
1 year ago

Post author: Mac
2 years ago
Sweet Jesus this is stunning. Thick mouthful with hazy tropical, orangey and grapefruit notes. Remarkably easy drinking for a such a high ABV TIPA 😍