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3 ratings
Tropical Blender IPA
7.0% Milkshake IPA
Smoothie India Pale Ale with Guava, pineapple and Mango purées and lactose

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Post author: Edgeworth
@ Allen's Cave
2 years ago
Trying this again with my son and his wife on a beautiful day on their back deck. He's an IPA lover. A Clown Shoes IPA that I enjoyed previously. Moderately heavy head, frothy and thick. Heavy and smooth texture. Citrus with a lot of pineapple. Enjoyed very much for an RPA.

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Thirsty Peret
2 years ago
Modest head. Very hazy yellow color. Citrus aroma dominated by pineapple. Creamy texture. Flavor dominated by pineapple with guava in the background. No bitterness until the finish and then still only slight. Could not detect the mango which is supposed to be present. Another winner by Clown Shoes Brewery.

Post author: Hjlongw03
2 years ago
Lighter than alcohol content would suggest, citrusy, sweet with tropical undertones, medium/heavy with light / Lacey head on pour. Limited release, not as good as “Josh the Guava King” Clown Shoes limited annual release.