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10 ratings
6.0% Brown Ale

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Post author: Lion
8 months ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Drinks of the World, Geneva
11 months ago
One for the night. English Brown Ale sounds too appealing to be missed now. Murky, medium-brown beer with restless carbonation unleashes a latte-hued head that can't build itself even up to one finger. Retention is truly short but a lace ring circles the top for long. Somewhat sweet malt, a good amount of caramel and a touch of nut with a sweet-geared vibe are the components of the scent. All in all, quite moderate in intensity. Brown malt with a slightly bitter caramelly note, harsher almond, a whisper of raw cacao powder and a suggestion of cola nut constitute the palate. A distant nuance of blackcurrant twig is the last member of the crew to join the cockpit party. The flavor side is just decent, nothing more. The body is light. Well, ok, this is 6 %, which is not that big but still I think this is somewhat on the light side even for that ABV. The aftertaste has nut-sized brain and can't figure out where this beer is heading for. The mouthfeel is light, modestly effervescent, a bit drying and remotely resinous. Not particularly successful. Less intriguing than our own homebrewed Nut Brown Ale in my subjective opinion.