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7 ratings
Gran Alpin Senza
0.0% Imperial Flavoured Stout / Imperial Pastry Stout
Non-alcoholic. You don’t have a “style” for that, and you don’t allow “I don’t know” to be an option, even though it is on the list (seems dumb to me, as not every user is going to be a master brewer), so I have chosen a style that it is categorically not, in the hope that it gets some attention.

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Post author: tja
4 months ago
Ehkä hieman liikaa sitrusta.

Post author: WALKER
@ Moléson Village
11 months ago
Excellente bière fruitée et désaltérante, à consommer sans modération 🍻

Post author: Doudou D
Doudou D
@ Chez Tatien
1 year ago
Une bonne limonade 😂😅

Post author: martinreed
@ Coop Bahnhofbrücke Zürich
2 years ago
It’s not an Imperial Pastry Stout, but Pint Please doesn’t have it in its database, doesn’t have an option for “non-alcoholic beer” and doesn’t allow “I don’t know” to be selected as a style, despite it being the first on the list. So hopefully, by saving it with a style that is dramatically wrong, it might get some attention from someone who is able to correct it.