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4 ratings
4.8% Spiced Beer

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Post author: WexiLahti
@ Drinks of the World, Geneva
11 months ago
Muddy, pale honey-colored beer with posh carbonation builds a creamy, silky head that grows two fingers tall. Retention is astonishingly long as the foamy cap dissipates painfully downwards and leaves a dense covering on the rim. The olfactory supply gives strong passionfruit, hefty wheat malt and an aromatic floral nuance. This beer has two flavorings: cannabis and damiana. The floral note is definitely not cannabis. It must, therefore, be damiana. I have never smelled, neither seen, a damiana flower but the floral fragrance resembles a bit chamomile but with loads more citrusy elements. The taste serves wheat malt, generous lemon pulp, a bit of mandarin peel, a pinch of fresh grass and zesty yuzu. I can merely pick moderate chamomile, it's more like a slam of citrus cocktail for the tastebuds than a flower. Even if the actual floral flavor is not big, it must be the combination of citrus and chamomile that is characteristic of a damiana flower. Cannabis is not recognizable as such but it's rather the twist of hemp seed that echoes the presence of the uncommon ingredient. The body is light. The finish is interestingly both tart and crisp, modestly though, and notably citrusy. The aftertaste smokes a spliff and feels phlegmatic for quite some time. The mouthfeel is, first of all, fragrant and aromatic. It's zippy and zesty, relatively pulpy, a bit pithy and effervescent. I've tasted several cannabis beers. Switzerland and Germany seem to especially offer cannabis beers. They are usually either bad, or at least uninspiring. This one is actually drinkable, probably due to the very limited flavor that can be associated with cannabis.