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Let's Eat Pies and Talk about Men's Mental Health 3.8%, McColl's Brewery, England
3 ratings
Let's Eat Pies and Talk about Men's Mental Health
3.8% Bitter


Post author: Dowson
11 months ago

Post author: Steve T
Steve T
1 year ago

Post author: James Š
James Š
@ James' House
1 year ago
Let's Eat Pies and Talk about Men's Mental Health, England
2021 Christmas Advent Beer Day 12 I had fun pouring this one, it was quite lively Im and I tried to make a large a cone shape with foam, without it spilling over. Anyway, intrigued by this as McColl’s are a trad brewery as far as I’m aware and the thought of a pepper bitter was interesting. No signs of any pepper in the ingredients so I’m guessing the name is in reference to the flavour coming predominantly from the hop selection. It’s really refreshing. It’s spiky and spicy with the slightest hint of caramel sweetness. Quite dry too, it’s almost a west coast IPA and bitter hybrid. The 3,6% ABV and the flavour profile don’t do this beer justice, it packs a punch. I’ve had one or two craft bitters and this is definitely the best I’ve had so far. It’s quenching my thirst and making me want my steak and Guinness casserole sooner than it’ll be ready!