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2 ratings
Interrogation Coffee Milk Stout
6.0% Milk Stout / Sweet Stout

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Post author: Edgeworth
@ Blackstone Pub & Eatery
7 months ago
At Blackstone enjoying a beer and pizza with family before the Super Bowl. Going to be a great day. Had this before in the can. Was not impressed. Served on tap as 16 oz in a glass with little head. Strong coffee aroma. Almost opaque dark brown in color. First sip, already better than in the can. Strong coffee flavor. A little bitter and definitely dry. Not a complicated beer. A coffee milk stout. Small deduction for not being as creamy as a milk stout should be but overall very good.

Post author: Edgeworth
@ Ray's Cave
8 months ago
Duo with my son-in-law. Sent him home with this Atlanta brew. Dark cola brown with a short head. Texture is an unexpected thin and crisp. Blunt dark coffee, no sweetness, dry mouth feel. Roasted coffee bitterness in the finish. I'm not getting any of the milk stout qualities that are normal characteristics for this category. Nothing soft or velvety about it. If this had been a porter I would have rated it differently. As a milk stout I'm not impressed.