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Luomu Kombucha Persikka 1.2%, Puhdistamo, Finland
3 ratings
Luomu Kombucha Persikka
1.2% Kombucha


Post author: Olli H
Olli H
@ Prisma Ylivieska
1 year ago
Aika makea, persikan aromia ihan sopivasti. Ihan ok juoma.

Post author: Baty
1 year ago

Post author: WexiLahti
@ Lidl Citycenter
2 years ago
Luomu Kombucha Persikka, Finland
Straight from the bottle. The fragrance is sweet, sugary. The brown sugar element is not as recognizable as in the ginger–lemon version, this could well contain also some white sugar. Peach is rather like peach flavored ice tea made of black tea, not peach juice per se. The taste follows along the same line: peach flavored ice tea with a generous injection of sugar. Both brown and white. A caramelly twist lingers in the background. The finish turns marginally drier, otherwise it's unaltered. The end slides slowly downwards. The mouthfeel is light, soft-drink-like (even more than the ginger–lemon version), spritzy, a bit sappy and industrial.