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Doppelbock Strong Lager 7.5%, Utopian Brewing Ltd., England
3 ratings
Doppelbock Strong Lager
7.5% Doppelbock
Our Doppelbock is inspired by the decadent strong lagers brewed by German monks for centuries to stave off hunger during fasting time. This beer has a luxurious deep body, a complex aroma of bread crust and dark fruit and a gentle alcohol warmth. Lagered for 10 weeks to allow all the complexity to fully develop you may just be hungry for another.


Post author: Bobby B Smooth
Bobby B Smooth
1 year ago
Doppelbock Strong Lager, England

Post author: James Š
James Š
@ The Beer Musketeer
1 year ago
Doppelbock Strong Lager, England
I’ve not had a Doppelbock in quite a while so this was a pleasant experience. Sweet and caramel malty yet retaining a light and crisp lager characteristic. The deep amber hue and the aroma of fresh cake mixture makes you think it will be a thick full bodied beer but it’s not at all. Very light in the mouth.

Post author: Mac
2 years ago
Doppelbock Strong Lager, England