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Atlas 5.0%, Welbeck Abbey Brewery, England
5 ratings
5.0% India Pale Ale
The Portland Collection has an astonishing compendium of art and books collected by generations of the family at Welbeck. One of the most famous works is The English Atlas, 1680, a beautiful collection of hand drawn and coloured maps created for King James II. This American West Coast IPA showcases the best New World hops, bringing both piney resinous and clean grapefruit flavours, which are balanced with English malted barley.


Post author: Mike C
Mike C
@ Chatsworth Garden Centre
6 months ago
Atlas, England
Nice drink, very mellow

Post author: Oliver S
Oliver S
7 months ago
After being informed by the brewer that the first batch wasn’t what they wanted I’m trying this again. It’s a much hoppier offering now. Splendid, well done Tom

Post author: Karl G
Karl G
@ Red Lion
7 months ago
Atlas, England
Lovely strong IPA - great taste with a lovely finish.

Post author: Symobeer
8 months ago
Never had a bad Welbeck but this one’s a tad too rich

Post author: Oliver S
Oliver S
8 months ago
It’s a nice beer but lacks the promised ultra hoppy flavour, cavendish is far superior