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5.1% American Pale Ale

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Post author: WexiLahti
@ Au Coin Mousse
6 months ago
Beer 4/4. Fully transparent, pale gold beer with a brilliant white, thick moussy head that surpasses easily one finger and adorns the top as a moldy layer for substantially long. Dried apricot, a whisper of cereal and something floral like a summery meadow constitute the olfactory provision. It's just that the elements are quite subdued to me. The flavor profile is a bit better than the scent but still doesn't impress me. Far from that. I'm picking grapefruit pith, a pinch of malt and a grassy hoppy idea. Ok, it's there. No goose bumps. The body is light, even less. The finish behaves in a similar way to that of DeLorean that it tweaks citrusy and dies fast. The mouthfeel is thin, balanced, slightly crisp and... characterless. Do I use the word 'characterless' too frequently today? Apologies if I do. 'Characterless' characterizes today's flight quite well though. With one exception!