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So Sincere
3.8% Dark Ale
Continuing our exploration of pub ales, we turn to dark mild. Mild is an incredibly easy drinking but under represented beer style that has a very storied history. While pale milds also exist, nowadays dark mild is much more common (although still not very common at all). It was once the most consumed beer style in the UK but production has dwindled so much in the past 60 years that you would struggle to find an example of it. Even in the UK. What is mild? you may ask. Well it is an incredibly easy drinking low abv beer that has a very rich malt character. Our take on it is a beer that is small but has malt complexity with strong notes of raisins, biscuit, toffee and a touch of coffee and chocolate. Roast is not overwhelming but straddles the line between bitter and porter. Hop character is low and the bitterness is only there to balance the sweetness, rather than being prominent. It is both a comforting and refreshing beer that goes as well with summer BBQ as it does with more warming winter fare. We are delighted to be brewing this style of beer and we hope more people will appreciate the incredible drinkability.

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Post author: The Welder
The Welder
2 months ago