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Post author: WexiLahti
@ The Cambridge Brew House
10 months ago
1948, England
Flight 2/4. Limpid, deep amber beer witnesses a cloud-white, minuscule-bubbled head emerging on the surface. The retention of this beer is equally short as the foamy lid shrinks quickly to the sidelines. Malt cracker, distant caramel, a suggestion of lemon pith and spruce needles alternate on the air. Nothing spectacular but surely beats the previous beer's aroma universe. This beer dances nicely on the tongue. Bitter caramel malt, fermented orange peel, lemon peel, a piney suggestion and even remote dried apricot find their way to my tastebuds. Reasonable at least. The body is light minus. The finish offers citrus peel and pith, a pinch of pine and malt but otherwise the taste supply contracts from upfront. The mouthfeel is thin to light, crisp, slightly dry, much more drying than dry as well as balanced. Gulpable but still certainly not remarkable.