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1 ratings
Braunfelser Kolsch
5.2% Kölsch
Wheat Kolsch

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Post author: Edgeworth
@ Five Stones Brewery
4 months ago
At Five Stones with my son-in-law trying out some local Texas cuisine. Can't say enough about how nice the people are here. Start talking beer and, next thing you know, they give you a taste of a beer directly from the vat that still isn't finished being carbonated. I listed this Kolsch as .1% because I have no idea what it is. Still not available to the public. Taste should be the same but maybe a little flat because all of the carbonation hasn't been induced. What a rare treat for the two of us. Deep yellow color, may lighten up once more carbonation is added. Lightly hazy. Strong wheat flavor. Has a minor amount of sweetness and turns dry during the finish. Also turns a little tart. I've enjoyed many wheat beers before, but nothing has ever seen so much of a pure wheat as this. Could not detect any other flavors at all. Excellent beer and hope I have time to come back and have the fully carbonated version.