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Black Is Beautiful BA Appleton Rum 13.0%, Track Brewing Co., England
1 ratings
Black Is Beautiful BA Appleton Rum
13.0% Imperial Flavoured Stout / Imperial Pastry Stout
Double coffee imperial stout BA in rum barrels for 2 years


Post author: James Š
James Š
@ The Beer Musketeer
3 months ago
Black Is Beautiful BA Appleton Rum, England
Lovely full bodied stout, thick presence, silky smooth. Quite effervescent to begin with but the carbonation soon fades thankfully. Layers of milky coffee and boozy caramel mingle with dried dark fruits and a hint of umami. Without trying the original beer it’s hard to appreciate what the two years in rum barrels have done to this beer, but whatever it is I like it, a lot!