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62 ratings
Wadworth IPA
3.6% India Pale Ale
A great balance of malt and hoppiness on the palate.

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Post author: Julian Selby
Julian Selby
@ The Mallard
17 days ago
Went to an engagement do last night and it was at a Wadworths pub, so was in for a night of good beer! Started off with this session beer; a light bronze ale with delicate malt aromas with cereal notes and a lingering finish.

Post author: Beer Pong
Beer Pong
@ The Galley
1 year ago
The last pint of this draught, was awful so I bought this bottle to see if it's any better. It is, but it's not fantastic. Drinkable and far better than the awful draught pint I had.

Post author: James R
James R
2 years ago
Refreshing and sweet tasting but not a huge amount of flavour

Post author: HenryVonRichards
@ Coop stubbington
2 years ago
Very much for my dads generation. Hoppy but bitter hops not very citrusy. Reminds me of being sat in a pub with old men.

Post author: KB Binouze
KB Binouze
3 years ago

Post author: FRED
3 years ago

Post author: James A
James A
@ The Outside Chance
3 years ago
An easy to drink, low-strength IPA. Decent classic pub beer, a genuine ‘driving beer’!

Post author: Sy C
Sy C
4 years ago
Another amazing beer bye Wadworth

Post author: Stompbeer
4 years ago
Biere legere

Post author: Franck M
Franck M
@ Noz Pierelatte
4 years ago