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3 ratings
Double Dark Alliance
9.2% Imperial Stout
Coffee Imperial Stout.

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Post author: Philmyglass
5 years ago
I wasn’t that impressed with Dark Alliance by Moor but this amped up collaboration with arbour is much better. Swathes of dark chocolate roast malt and bitter coffee flavours. For me it’s lacking a bit of sweetness to balance it. Still a good imperial though.

Post author: IPAli
5 years ago
From the first taste, I thought that this was a bitterness overload, which you may expect from the beer’s details: hoppy stout “dry hopped” with coffee beans. However, the initial bitter hit mellows out really nicely and the coffee tastes really start to come through. The more I drink this, the more familiar that bitter start becomes and I can concentrate and the other creamy, malty flavours which are really warming and comfortable. Not the easiest imperial stout to drink but has a perfect balance of hops and coffee for a cold winter’s evening.

Post author: Markthegasman
@ Mark The Gasman
6 years ago