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Cheshire Chocolate Porter 6.0%, The Unicorn Brewery, England
7 ratings
Cheshire Chocolate Porter
6.0% Porter
Chocolate flavoured porter.


Post author: Sam C
Sam C
1 month ago
Interesting Porter. M&S has a pretty shoddy beer section by all accounts, not sure why I ever go in there. This caught my eye and thought it would be good infront of some Barclays. It's alright, chocolate flavour is prevalent and works nicely however lacks a real depth of flavour to it, dissipates in the mouth a bit too quickly and then just reverts to a regular Porter. Perhaps reflective in that it pours a translucent dark amber. Still quite hefty, don't want another one tonight that's for sure. Actually pretty decent despite how this review reads.

Post author: Imhotep
3 months ago

Post author: Sharp
2 years ago

Post author: Steve T
Steve T
2 years ago

Post author: Mark P
Mark P
5 years ago
Cheshire Chocolate Porter, England
Very nice drink indeed. A real chocolatey taste.

Post author: TC
5 years ago

Post author: Ned Lud
Ned Lud
6 years ago
Cheshire Chocolate Porter, England
This beer is brewed by the Unicorn brewery and distributed by M&S. It's flavoured with "chocolate flavouring". I'm not keen on flavoured beers, so I tried fairly hard to not like this one, but failed miserably. The chocolate flavouring is fairly powerful, but the basic quality of the porter manages to shine through, and the two meld together perfectly. Very nice beer.