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12 ratings
Medium Dry Vintage Cider Oak Aged
6.5% Apple Cider
Medium dry vintage cider.

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Post author: Ziuta Psikuta
Ziuta Psikuta
1 year ago

Post author: Kedge85
4 years ago

Post author: Matt H
Matt H
5 years ago
As a resident of Somerset, there's a certain feeling of being traitorous when drinking a cider from Herefordshire. Mind you, it's nothing compared to consuming a Scandinavian cider which evokes an uncontrollable urge to say 3 Hail Mary's and dedicate my life to a higher being. The expression "looks can be deceiving" is relevant here. The colour of this cider is pale to say the least. Indeed, it looks like a pint of white wine, which is a sight I never thought I'd see again post-university days. But this insipid looking liquid packs a punch, both in flavour and alcohol content. At a solid 6.5%, not too many bottles are required before you feel a desire to sign up for The People's Republic of Herefordshire. This tastes like a strong cider, but in a good way. It's "Medium Dry", but I would say it waivers on the sweeter side of medium dry; no bad thing in my opinion as sweet cider is my guilty pleasure. This is a 2016 "vintage", but I've had previous years and they are all good. Oak aged, and a very mild hint of the barrel runs through. Recommended. Just drink it in moderation, kids.. :)

Post author: Andy N
Andy N
6 years ago
I found it quite sweet