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Autumnal Hoppiness
7.2% Oktoberfest / Märzen
Hops! You love drinking them, we love brewing with them, and now we have farmers who love planting them! We here at 3 Sheeps are fairly addicted to these multifaceted flavor bombs. From floral to piney, from citrus to chive, hops can bring out incredibly varied and nuanced characteristics in a beer. And thanks to our Wisconsin farmers, we have access to locally grown hops that allow us to support our Middle Coast brethren. In homage to their hard work, we've created a Harvest Ale worthy of the hops they provide. With reddish hues, caramel and raisin undertones, and a generous infusion of all 100% Wisconsin-grown hops, you'll be proud to raise this beer as the season turns to salute our local farmers.
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