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Pole Axed 6.7%, Dancing Man Brewery, England
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Pole Axed
6.7% India Pale Ale
First brewed for the National Oceanographic Centre (NOC), expedition to the south pole as part of the Lake Ellsworth project.


Post author: Cufty S
Cufty S
@ Dancing Man Brewery
1 year ago
Pole Axed, England
A rather nice, ale. Cloudy and you can almost bite it. Citrusy tasting, rather nice. 👌

Post author: Jamie K
Jamie K
@ Dancing Man Brewery
2 years ago
Pole Axed, England
Chewy mouthfeel Heavily bittered With a slight citrus fruitiness and an almost lychee-like fruity sweetness

Post author: Roydelf
3 years ago