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18 ratings
No Rest for Dancers
6.2% India Pale Ale
Lightly malted IPA. Very lively pour, medium hopped with a sweet aftertaste.

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Post author: Marhieu
11 months ago

Post author: ISB
@ Lost and Grounded Brewery
3 years ago
Wandered into Lost and Grounded and discovered this lovely hoppy red ale, a really interesting smooth tasting beer with a distinctive rounded flavour.

Post author: Adrian P
Adrian P
@ Nosh-Talgia
3 years ago
First try of this fantastic red ale ipa. Served cold, very refreshing. I couldn’t resist having the second can with my dinner.

Post author: Jonas M
Jonas M
3 years ago

Post author: Tucka
@ Chop'in
4 years ago
Une bonne rousse. Des notes de caramel avec une goute de torréfaction. Une légère amertume avec une pointe d'acidité. Une bière parfaite pour l'automne qui arrive.

Post author: Ben B
Ben B
@ Small Bar
5 years ago

Post author: James D
James D
5 years ago
Tasty red ale, a lot like Cwtch but a bit more hoppy.

Post author: Chris B
Chris B
5 years ago
Having returned home from the crazy madness of Moor Brewey's Friday night celebrations I should obviously go to bed. But it's warm outside, the weekend is on and I'm listening to Etta James. That is what it's all about. Even the cat is loving life. This is an odd one. It's a dark reddy brown and is full of chewy malt with a bitter brown sugar edge. There are mildly toasted flavours and it's as smooth as the late, great Roger Moor. I've been expecting you Mr Bond.